Props and Products


I designed the concept and box art for these mystery boxes. I also created the vector files for printing, and hand screen printed the first batch.


friendshipbox_closed_800 friendshipbox_bottom_800 friendshipbox_open_800

For these, the client wanted a box that would be sturdy and usable but purposefully looked poorly made (the backstory being that a bear had built the box). I put a slope on the front and back panel of the box to make it look like it was mis-measured. I then drilled holes and wove a system of ropes to hold the box together as well as to hide structural wood glue. The final product looked rustic, almost childish, but closed completely and was very sturdy.



img_7663These castle spires were a design for a child’s Cinderella themed birthday party. The body of the spires are Sonotubes. The tops are made out of lauan. To get the hexagonal shape of the points, the lauan had to be precisely measured and cut. It was then assembled with a base structure of painters tape and wood filler. The wood filler was sanded down and a layer of Bondo was applied to stabilize the top and smooth out the surface.



This mouse maze was created for a production of Flowers for Algernon. After designing the maze on paper, I scaled it up, and traced it out onto a piece of 24″x24″ plywood. The maze was then routed into the plywood. Pieces of lauan were cut to fit the individual walls, and then glued into the routed grooves.



These ears of this corn were sculpted out of foam. The foam was then etched with a stencil to create the kernels on top. The corn was painted and attached to bamboo to simulate the stalks. Finally, fake leaves were trimmed and painted to mimic corn leaves and attached to the cobs and stalks.